Technology Transfer

Department Director
Prof. Valerio Vignoli

Deputy to Technology Transfer
Prof. Marco Mugnaini

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Technology Transfer
The Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics of the University of Siena is always and constantly involved in the promotion of Joint research and collaborations with active Industrial Partners
The Department constantly aims at a wider diffusion of the scientific culture through close collaborations with industrial partners promoting exellence and merit. The national and international partnerships developed across years by the department led the structure to be at the center of the most important research topics. The depertment structure is designed to support collaborations at any level supporting the industrial partners in achieving their innovation targets.   

If you want to explore the Technology Transfer opportunities with the DIISM please
The DIISM department is proud to offer a wide varity of collaboration initiatives ranging from contracts up to donations for both applied and basic researches. Many Industrial partners have already experienced the quality of collaboration with DIISM.

DIISM is always looking for innovation partners
for national and international project applications
Joint Laboratories
Patenting Roadmap and basic concepts
San Niccolò Palace
Via Roma 56, 53100 Siena, Italy

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