Invited Speakers

Domenico Prattichizzo – University of Siena, Italy Title: Novel paradigms for collaborative grippers
Anca Dragan – Berkeley University, US
Title: Transparency as optimal control
Manuel Catalano – University of Pisa, Italy
Title: The Quest for Natural Machine Motion: open source technologies for soft robots Donjung Lee – Seoul National University, South Korea
Title: Teleoperation of a Platoon of Distributed Wheeled Mobile Robots with Predictive Display
Oliver A. Kannape — University of Central Lancashire, UK
Title: An integrative approach to neuroprosthetics and embodiment
Betty J Mohler – TU Darmstadt, Germany
Title: Cognitive Science and Psychophysics
Tamar Makin – University Central London, UK
Title: Brain plasticity in amputees
Alessandro Moscatelli – Fondazione Santa Lucia, Italy
Title: Insights from Behavioral Neuroscience for the design of haptic devices             Claudio Pacchierotti – CNRS Rennes – France
Title: Human subject studies in cutaneous-enabled teleoperation
Allison Okamura – Stanford, US
Title: Haptic communication for human-human and human-robot interactions
Brenna Argall – Northwestern University, US
Title: Shared-control for assistive robotics
David Abbink – TU Delft, Netherlands
Title: Human-centered design and evaluation of haptic shared control systems